Mr. Flores Reads -- Review of Edgar Trunk

Mr. Flores Reads is a site managed by Stevan Flores, LA-area teacher and children's book aficionado.  Mr. Flores is highly respected and wonderfully adept at pulling apart the fibers of a story, shining a light on it, and making astute observations about the contents.  This week, Mr. Flores reviews The Tale of Edgar Trunk.  Here is a bit of what he has to say:

"Edgar Trunk is a ten year old orphan living in a horrid sludge factory. He has never been outside, not that this matters much since the grounds outside the factory are dark and rotting, as awful and lifeless as the factory innards. One day, he hears a mysterious knocking that seems to call him out of his tiny cell-like room. What he finds out about the factory and its other inhabitants changes the course of his life forever. This novel introduces us to the quiet but mysteriously important Edgar. He lives in a mysterious and magical world that is like and, at the same time, unlike our own. Did you notice that I've said "mysterious" lots of times so far? That's because this story is full of mysteries."

To read the full review, click HERE.

Also, please check out his other reviews.  The guy is awesome!  A "random book" widget on the lefthand column is a great, quick way to discover new books.