We are biting our nails in anticipation of Book 2, which Mr. Silva has been very secretive about.
However, we were able to get him to oblige us with a preliminary dose of the contents.
The beginnings of the back cover synopsis.  Enjoy!!

Olivia Saunders lives at 31 Dossle Way in the Town of Pleasanton, a most wonderful and stupendous place.  But things go astray with the arrival of a strange boy named Edgar Trunk, who appears to have only his sparsest wits intact (and certainly no decency).  The larger mysteries of why her mangy mutt Feebles is so restless, of why her sinks have been stopped up with inky black dots that crawl away, of why the things in her town are beginning to disintegrate as though made of dust, and why strangest of all, the day is getting shorter, and creatures that come out at night are stirring.  The answer perhaps lies with the unusually dark Norclock Tower at the top of town and the bizarre ideas of one Edgar Trunk, until now her only guest in all her 11 years.